All Trinity Warriors dance academy tutors are fully DBS checked and insured, with multiple years of teaching and working with children/young people experience behind them. With their different skills sets, this makes them fully equipped to lead our sessions.

Trinity Warriors - Dancer


Trinity Warriors

With 14 years of dance experience, Paco joined Trinity Warriors in 2001 and is a Co Director of Trinity Warriors Dance Academy.

Paco is one of the lead choreographer of Trinity Warrior Juniors, whilst utilising his breakdance skill into the other Academy group's.

Paco has travelled around the world participating in various performances and has successfully won major competitions which include Crew's, Duo's and Solo's. Paco wants to inspire the next generation with hard work and passion, anything is possible!


Trinity Warriors

With over 15 years experience, and major titles under his belt (including two national boy crew champions, UK streetdance Solo and Crew champion) Leon is more than qualified to lead the next wave of warriors!!

Leon is a a Co Director of Trinity Warriors Dance Academy, and one of the lead choreographer.


Trinity Warriors

Billy has been dancing for 4 years now, he started at trinity academy 2 years ago as a student and worked up to becoming the captain of Trinity Warrior Juniors.

As well as still learning new styles of dance, and improving on his breaking. Billy now helps teach at the Academy, taking classes and teaching students of all all ages over 3+.

Billy likes to compete in battles including Solo’s, Duo's, Crews and performing in shows with Trinity Warriors.

Billy wants to achieve winning battles in all categories, performing all over with Trinity Warriors, and teaching enough to not be working in an average job. He wants to work his way to the top to one day help run the whole Academy.


Trinity Warriors

Karlie is a member of T-Elite Seniors within the Trinity Academy. Karlie, is a passionate and dedicated artist with 9 years dance experience varying in different styles. These being ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, break dancing and many more.

Karlie has experienced training from members of Trinity Warriors, Flawless, Boy Blue and others and has performed in some incredible places both in the UK and overseas.

Karlie has 8 years teaching experience and have successfully choreographed and directed external client productions and competition pieces.  She has also had the opportunity to organise/direct and choreograph events/festivals.

KARAM SINGH (Bboy Kid Karam)

Trinity Warriors

Over 10 years of experience and currently competing on a world level at some of the biggest events around the world. Been with the warriors since 2008. Won various major events in different categories solo, duo and crews. Want to build a platform for the next generation so they can live the dance lifestyle and represent the county to the fullest. Age 19.

Highlights - UK Champs, got to dance, adidas commercial, freestyle session, Toulouse battle pro...


Trinity Warriors

With 12 years of experience, Dominic joined Trinity Warriors in 2005 and is also now a part of Flawless. Doing different dance styles such as Breaking, Hiphop, House, popping, isolation & urban choreography Dominic strives to always learn more and share his knowledge of dance.

Performing with groups like Trinity Warriros, Diversity & Flawless has given him a lot of experience in commercial performance.